5 Church Jokes To Cheer You Up

The young couple banned from supermarket


Two months later the three couples returned to the church and talked to the priest. He then asked the elderly couple, “Have you completed the month without touching each other?”


The elderly couple said, “Yes we did, it was easy.”


He asked the couple in their forty’s, “How about you two?”


They replied, “It was a little difficult for us but we didn’t touch each other.”


He asked the young couple, “How about you two?”


The guy said, “No, we couldn’t do it.”


Priest inquired, “Why? Tell me?”


“Well my wife had a can of pineapple in her hands and she accidentally dropped it. She bent over to pick it up and that’s when it happened.”


The priest then told them, “You’re not welcome in my church anymore.”


The man said, “Well, we are not welcome in the supermarket either.”