5 Blonde Jokes That Are Super Dumb

These top 5 blonde jokes are hilarious. We gathered these top 5 blonde jokes ever made from the Internet for you.

Three blondes got lost in the jungle



across the lake.”


“Your wish is granted,” said the genie and with one snap of his finger, she became an excellent swimmer. She then jumped off in the lake, but snakes ate her quickly.


The second blonde observed that swimming is not an option so she wished for a boat that she can row across the lake. So she got in the boat and started rowing across the lake but as she got in the mid of the lake. Snakes got in her boat from the bottom and ate her too.


The third blonde saw them dying and realized there is no way she could survive this so she said to the genie, “I always wanted to dye my hair before I die, I wish for black hair.”


Genie granted her wish and her hair color changed to black.


She then said, “Oh, look, there is a bridge over there.”