5 Absolutely Hilarious Drunk Jokes

You win some, you lose some



end of the bar.


Jack took out his fake glass eye and placed it near the drink and went to the bathroom and won the bet.


After returning from the bathroom Jack offered another bet to the barmaid, “I bet you, I can touch my own elbow.”


Barmaid again accepted the bet for twenty dollars. Jack took out his wooden arm and touched his elbow.


He said, “You can get your money back if you bet with me this one last time. I can make love so smoothly that you won’t feel a thing.”


Barmaid accepted the bed without even thinking twice because this was something she really knew about.


They went into the room and a few minutes into the act, the barmaid laughed and said, “I won this bet, I can feel you!”


Jack said, “Well, you win some you lose some!”