5 Absolutely Hilarious Drunk Jokes

A cowboy walked into the bar

The drunk cowboy is surprised but then he got out of his chair and staggered out the side door.


Five minutes later, the same drunk staggered into the front door of the bar. He swayed up to the bar and asked for a drink.


The barmaid came over, and still politely refused service to the man due to his insobriety. She again offered to call him a cab.


The drunk cowboy looked angrily at the barmaid for a moment, cursed her and got out of the bar from the front door.


Few minutes passed and the cowboy got in the same bar from the backdoor, he went to the barmaid and asked her to give him a drink.


The barmaid is annoyed and told the cowboy angrily, he clearly is drunk and won’t be served at this bar or cab or police will be called for him.


The surprised cowboy looked at the barmaid and shouted, “How many bars do you work at?”